Can PUN turn into server-host structure using Photon Server

Hi, I am new to Photon and I want to build a dedicated server structure that the game is hosted on server instead of the masterClient..

As I know, Photon Cloud acts as a relay server which only deliver messages among the clients and won't host a game, is it correct?
Also, as the title mentioned, if I use Photon Server with PUN, am I able to host the game in server?
If so, is it simple to implement or it needs custom code to do so?
If not, is there any alternative to build a server-host structure? Maybe other tool other than PUN?

Thanks a lot.


  • one more question,
    is PUN compatible with Unity ECS?
  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited March 22
    Hi @Everguard,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Photon Server is a dedicated relay server.
    All clients connect to it including master client.
    Master client is not a host.
    Read more here about master client here.

    You can host your own Photon Server.
    You can modify server logic using a custom Photon Server Plugin.
    So this way you use PUN to connect to your own servers that run your custom logic inside plugins.

    PUN is not compatible with Unity ECS.
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