Marmalade simple client connection

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I am having some problems to implement the marmalade client for the photon server.

I can not find a simple example. I have downloaded the load balancing example but that is more complex. I would be interested in the hello world example.

Can you please provide a link or the code for that example.

Thank you


  • If you can only find the LB demo inside the Client SDK, then you are looking at the Photon Cloud Client SDK. The Photon Server Marmalade Client SDK also comes with 3 other demos additionally to the LoadBalancing one, one of them being HelloWorld.
  • I downloaded the file from here and unzipped it but could also only find the one LoadBalancing demo. Is this the right SDK I need, and if not could you point me to the correct one and the other demos?
  • As I have said: The Cloud Client SDK currently only contains demo_loadBalancing. The other demos are only contained in the Server Client SDK (the reason therefor is, that they are not compatible with the cloud - however it can still be worth to have a look at them even when using the cloud).

    You can find (note the missing "Cloud" in the filename) at (same link like for the "Cloud" version, except that this link contains "OnPremise" instead of "Realtime").