Photon Animator View Value Change


I have a problem with my component Photon Animator View.
I set all my Synchronize parametrers to Continuous for a test. But when i run my game and I check on my character localCharacter the value of each variable in the inspector. Some of them change to become Disabled and other Discrete.
But if on my loval Character I check the other player For him no variable change.

I have no script interacting with PhotonAnimator View.
I set this component as last because they is some Triggers.
And I put This component in my PhotonView Component.

This problem is only when i connect another player , if I'm playing only with my local player there is no change.


Thibault Coutaz


  • EDIT :

    In fact it's changing same when I'm playing with only one character , but randomly , some times no sometimes yes
  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @ThibaultCoutaz,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What PUN and Unity versions are you using?
    How are you controlling the animator?

    @jeanfabre will take a look as he's already investigating related stuff on this discussion.
  • Hi,

    I don't think the two discussions are related, here it seems there could be confusion between prefabs and maybe you are setting properties on a prefab but the system is using another prefab to instantiate, this happens very easily if you have two prefabs named the same in different Resources folder.

    Can you triple check this? because the PhotonAnimatorView are only controlled by the developer at editor time, so this is a very odd issue indeed.


  • Hello,

    I really don't understand whats happening .

    I check like you said if I didn't had prefabs with same names, I didn't I have only the one i'm using .
    then Sometime it keep the parameter value like i set them , and some other time for some reason I still didn't discover why it change them.
    I have the impression that for some reasons sometime unity save the values and and if you change them it set them back to the previous one :

    - Before I had like two value continious , other disable and 2 discrets
    - then for some try i set all to continious and it was sometime setting them to the previous set ( previous point )
    - then now i choose to set them as i want so like 2 continous and all discret , and sometime it set all of them to continious

    this last change happen when i built my game after i try to connect my two player , the build one was good with the good value , but my Unity one was set all to continious.

    I thought at the beginning that everytime i was starting my Unity again it was setting again to the value I don't want but one time it didn't change.
    I thought that you had to select the prefab before starting the game to keep your setting but one time it didn't change same when my prefab was not selected in the inspector.

    Do we have maybe to save this value in a special way or anything like this ?
    honestly I'm a bit lost

    here is the video explaining : Video

    In the video I show you first the setting then i start the game just with Unity : everything is fine !
    then i built
    then i start my build and my unity game,
    And here you see that for the build everything is fine but for the unity one everything change !


    Thibault Coutaz
  • Hi @ThibaultCoutaz , Did you solved this problem. i am facing the same issue.
  • I am having the same problem with one of the parameters in my photonview, it seems the company has not yet solved this problem. I am waiting for solutions.