Photon Chat not connecting

gekido ✭✭
Trying to use the demo Unity project to test out Photon Chat - I created my app, added the app id into the project but when I run the game, it never connects. Could this be related to the US master server issue that I've been seeing (on another thread - viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4892)?

I also just updated to Unity 4.5, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it.


  • gekido
    gekido ✭✭
    looks like it definitely is related to the 'connecting to master server' issue, tried the demo app from my home machine tonite and it connected fine.

    Is there any way to set chat to connect to a different (like the EU) server like standard photon cloud?
  • Hey,

    Photon Chat uses completely different servers (they are located in EU and at a different hoster), so this is not related to the US issues at all. It's technically impossible. ;)

    You mentioned that both Chat & your project for the standard realtime Cloud were working well on your home machine. Might this be an issue with your office network? Are you connecting through a LAN or WLAN there? For example, we have noticed that certain WLAN routers just drop UDP packages and cause this kind of issues.

    Do you have a chance to test with another router at your office, or switch between LAN / WLAN / 3G, for example, and see what happens?
  • gekido
    gekido ✭✭
    Our office networking setup is a bit more complicated than just switching routers, but the good news is that our IT guys figured out what the problem is / was.

    We get attacked by DDOS attacks periodically, and one of our upstream providers had UDP filters in place still from way back that was blocking the traffic.

    We finally figured out where the filters were, and once they were removed, all is good - we can connect fine now.

    Sorry about the confusion, we sort of assumed it might have been this, but weren't sure where / how they were being applied.

    Still doesn't really explain why we were able to connect to the EU server and not the US one, other than the fact that the network routes to the US Master servers must have been taking us through one of the other providers.

    All good, cheers!
    Mike W