Testing demosync project, jittering


I was testing the demosynchronization boxes between PC (master) and mobile android to Asia Cloud. All 4 boxes were jittery, and was not smoothed at all. I was in Seoul testing, and now in Shanghai, same results. Ping is around 200ms to 400ms.


  • You could try another region:

    They can also be selected by opening the Wizard for PUN (ALT+P, then Setup).
  • Hmm, I did not set a notification. Irregardless on regions and lag, the whole of interpolation/extrapolation is so it does not jerk. It is strange if it does.
  • Yeah the first solution is to use the new cloud pinger to auto-select the best region for your user.

    Secondly, you would indeed not expect jittering when using the inter/extrapolation. However the default settings for the inter/extra use a MAX time to only ever interpolate back to like 100 or 150ms. If you have 200ms+ ping this will still result in lag since the extrapolation is not implemented or only very crudely (if I recall correctly).

    Depending on your game you could always consider simply lerping to the lastest correct network position/rotation. That works great for simple games.
  • ok, I thought 200ms ping is quite normal. I used to play Starcraft with 500ms ping.

    Unfortunately, I'm not doing simple games.
  • Then the best solution is to tweak the interpolation times accordinly, plus check what the extrapolation feature currently does for your game.