Problem with displaying all the available rooms

Hello everyone.

I am trying to implement something that displays all the available rooms once the player presses the Refresh button. The problem that I am facing is that GetCustomRoomList() doesn't give any responses whatsoever.

I'm not doing any matchmaking stuff because I want the game to be fun.

Here's what I implemented.

private void Refresh()
        PhotonNetwork.GetCustomRoomList(customLobby, "C0 = '1'");

    public override void OnRoomListUpdate(List<RoomInfo> roomList)
        Debug.Log(roomList.Count); // doesn't display anything
        Rooms = roomList; // Rooms = new List<RoomInfo>();
        RefreshVisual(); // just displays something.

How I create the room:

RoomOptions options = new RoomOptions();
options.MaxPlayers = (byte)nrPlayers_HostGame;
options.CustomRoomProperties = new ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable()
    { "C0", "1" }
options.CustomRoomPropertiesForLobby = new string[] { "C0" };

PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom(HG_NameGame.text, options, customLobby);

Am I doing something wrong here? Or does anyone have any better solutions to how to display all the rooms?

Thank you.


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