Public IP doesn't work

Hi, please help me connect to the game with public IP. I can connect with local IP alright, with cloud too, but I searched far and wide for clues on how to configure public IP, but everywhere is just bits of different information, all contradicting one another. So I am now confused. Here are the steps I had made:

1. in photon control application, I have set my ip to be public IP (tried both static and autoconnect)
2. in Unity server settings, I have set the static public IP in the "Server" slot, port is 5055 and name server is off
3. In my router settings (MikroTik) I have created port forwarding from my public IP to my local computer IP with ports 5055 and 5056.
4. firewall is off

I can't even make a scratch connecting to the server. Can't even get to the master server. Can anybody tell me what the problem is? Maybe i do portforwarding incorrectly?


  • hi, @Thomukas1

    we can not help you with your router setup. AFIK, MikroTik is quite advanced router and you should be able to setup it correctly to forward ports.

    just start with small steps. try to use Telnet to see whether port is accessible. In such a way you will exclude wrong photon setup. once telnet manages to establish connection, try photon

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