What is the best solution for a physics based ball game?

Hi all. I have a local multiplayer ball game and i'd like to make it online multiplayer. Four players control a ball each which is moved with physics, and attempt to hit football into the other teams net, pretty simple stuff. However I don't know where to start in order to have this work as a multiplayer online game using a Photon solution.

Is this type of game possible with Bolt or one of the other Photon solutions, if so which one?

Are there any resources / tutorials I can read in regards to physics networking.

Thanks for the help guys


  • Do you solve your problem ? I try to find same solution for my game.
  • I don't know what to use, but i think Blot worth trying.
  • juaxix
    juaxix ✭✭

    Try unreal rolling ball and use photon cloud plugin from marketplace?

  • I came across the same problem and I don't know how to solve.
  • @Macfinch @ttcong194 @Thomas22 Networking physics is a difficult but well studied problem. Here is my favorite video and article about common techniques for networking physics.

    The easiest solution, development wise, would be a completely server authoritative model. For example, run all player models on the server only, and have the player send inputs to the server and receive game object data to display each frame. You can also use a "play-out device" to store the history of objects and their movements, such as SmoothSync does. The videos and articles above explain all these concepts.

    Photon also offers Photon-Quantum to solve this problem exactly.

    Feel free to drop anymore specific questions :)