Does Photon Sends events step by step?


does photon send events or operations step by step.i mean i tested an operation and in the server i put some big calclulation,so from client i couldn't send anymore operation until the last operation is how can i change the photonload balancing to act like realtime(i mean in a one game server).something like async operation.i have a scenario in my mind and that is to calculate the operation in task and return the response to client immediately.but i don't know if this is the best way for making realtime game,i mean why the photon won't accept two operation at a same time?how should i implement that?is there any option for this?



  • i mean does photon server use blocking mode for calculation operations?
  • well i kind of figured it out that photon rooms uses pool fiber.some concurrent operation request handler that calculate the operations one by one but in multi thread way.that's i want to know how the pool fiber will understand witch operation should be block for next request?by operation code?????
  • well i think the pool fiber is not something helpful to me,because i need some multi thread request handling but locking every request.something like this:
    Enqueue(action 1);
    Enqueue(action 2);
    Enqueue(action 3);
    Enqueue(action 1);

    i want that action 1 2 and 3 that work concurrent and when the action 1 request has been received the pool fiber should check if the older action 1 has been done or not.if yes continue , if no pool fiber will add this request to his list.but even pool fiber doesn't execute them in concurrent way.

    so what is that "they are executed in many threads" in for?
    and how can i implement the upper solution?
  • i think i have to implement that custom pool fiber myself right?
  • hi, @Set_Up

    > i think i have to implement that custom pool fiber myself right?
    yes, it looks like that

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