Issue getting room list (called from javascript sdk)

I have my unity game running, and I have a player connected to a room called "Test". I have a simple function on my javascript client that asks for the room list.
public getRoomList() {
    return this.lbcc.availableRooms();
It is returning nothing though.
The AppId on the javascript side is 'AppVersion: '0.1.3_2.12','
The AppId on the PUN side is [SerializeField] private string VersionName = "0.1.3";
Do I have something setup wrong?


  • Does anybody have any insight on this? I am still unable to fetch the list of rooms. It always returns a blank list.
  • Hi @RacerDelux,

    OK, AppVersion checked.

    Make sure clients are on the same Region (servers), AppId and lobby (type + name).

    Full "Matchmaking Checklist".
  • I am looking through the list, everything seems to check out.
    I use this to connect to the lobby in Unity:
    public void OnConnectedToMaster()
            Debug.Log("We are connected to master!");
    I use this to connect in javascript:
    lbc.connectToNameServer({region: 'USW', lobbyType: CONSTS.LobbyType.Default});
    And I just double checked that the region is manually set to USW for Unity in the settings.
  • Hi @RacerDelux,

    Send an email to [email protected] with a link to this forum discussion + your AppId and AppVersion.
  • @JohnTube
    I went ahead and sent the email. Thanks!
  • @JohnTube I have not heard anything as of yet on this - wanted to make sure the email was received?
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