Does Photon Voice have its own pricing plan?

I'm working on a game that uses PUN2 and Photon Voice. Is the pricing plan for Voice and PUN2 seperate? Or is it only enough to buy one plan? If these are seperate, examples provided with the PUN2 are #using Photon.Realtime as well, Does Photon Realtime also have a seperate pricing plan?


  • Yes, each product comes with its own pricing and plan.
  • Hi @Ergon,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I wanted to add some clarifications to my colleague @Markus's answer:

    To use Photon Voice you need one AppId for PUN and one AppId for Photon Voice, you need to purchase a plan for each AppId.
    Photon Voice, Photon Realtime and PUN have same plans and same pricing.
  • Hi, and thanks for the answers.
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