Does Photon Voice have its own pricing plan?

I'm working on a game that uses PUN2 and Photon Voice. Is the pricing plan for Voice and PUN2 seperate? Or is it only enough to buy one plan? If these are seperate, examples provided with the PUN2 are #using Photon.Realtime as well, Does Photon Realtime also have a seperate pricing plan?


  • Yes, each product comes with its own pricing and plan.
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    I wanted to add some clarifications to my colleague @Markus's answer:

    To use Photon Voice you need one AppId for PUN and one AppId for Photon Voice, you need to purchase a plan for each AppId.
    Photon Voice, Photon Realtime and PUN have same plans and same pricing.
  • Hi, and thanks for the answers.
  • Is this the same for Bolt and Voice? In order to use both, are you required to pay for 2 separate subscriptions? In the pricing section on both pages, they both display the pricing for 'Photon Cloud', and the prices are identical.

    Any clarification would be appreciated!
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    Yes it's also the same for Photon Bolt.
    Basically all Photon app types are derived from Photon Realtime (or built on top of) except Photon Chat.
  • Reso
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    When you say it's also the same, do you mean it's one payment for both Bolt and Voice, or are there two separate subscriptions based on CCU?

    For example, let's say I'm using Bolt and Voice and I'm on the 1000 CCU plan. Do I have to pay $185 per month for Bolt, and an additional $185 per month for Voice?

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    Hi @Reso,

    Yes you need to pay for Photon Bolt and Photon Voice separately. (2 * 1000CCU = 2 * $185 = $370 per month)
    In theory (not recommended) you can also pay one plan and use the same AppId in Photon Bolt and Photon Voice but this means:
    - you can't see proper analytics for each app type (voice vs. game data)
    - you get twice CCU per client as each game client will gave two separate connections: one for voice and one for realtime relay used by Bolt for matchmaking & fallback.
  • Hi @JohnTube

    What if i created two seperate app ids 1 app for photon pun and 1 app for photon voice and then put 1 for pun and other one for photon voice will that work and also if i am using photon chat and pun with 100 ccu then will my total cost for 1 year would be 95*2 = $190 i was thinking after purchasing 1 u could create a bunch of apps of that tier and of any type ie, pun, bolt, fusion, voice and chat without paying for each. if i use photon and bolt do i have to pay for both seperately like again 95*2 = $190?. can i use photon voice app id in photon pun or photon voice app id in photon voice?
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