Game Crash

Hi @Tobias , @jeanfabre

I am currently using photon ver. 1.92 (released on Dec 21, 2018) with Unity 5.6.6f2.
Implemented TurnBased Multiplayer Game

Scenario as follow:
Total Players = 4

Case as follow:
1) Game Continues and works as expected with "turnManager.SendMove" for Real Photon Client.
2) If 2 Photon Players win the game, then they remain in the room and will look into other players gameplay for final winning list that Logic also works as expected. Like as below

Player P1 = Won (Master)
Player P2 = Won (Non-Master)
Player P3 = Playing (Non-Master)
Player P4 = Playing (Non-Master)

3) If Player P2 quits game in between this situation then P1 (master) , P3 and P4 playing the game.
4) Player P2 still remain in the room till its playerttl (i.e 30000 means 30 seconds)

1) As soon as Player P2 is about to reach its playerttl (i.e 30000 means 30 seconds) then Master Players P1 game gets crashed.

Please help me to sort it out.


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