All players disconnected as soon as 1 player disconnected in true sync?

I am facing similar issue as this

Currently I am using photon true sync for multiplayer game
scenario :-

1) Start TrueSync game with 3 or 4 players
IMAGE of Stats When All Player Joined
2) if one player quits the room
3) other 2 player encounter panic window and stop syncing
4) after panic window is over all connection are dropped. means now remaining 2 players individually running the simulation. and it's shows 1 active user.
IMAGE of Stats After One Player Disconnected

Once one player disconnected suddenly other player also disconnected.

I think i miss some important TrueSync configuration

IMAGE Of True Sync Config

Sync Window : 4
Rollback Window : 4
Panic Window : 100
Locked Time Step : 0.02

I am encountering the same problem with the Truesync Unity Demo. Lets say we have 3 players in a room and if one player quits the game, other two also get disconnected.

What I want is that if 1 player is disconnected from room remaining 2 player should be in sync.
remaining players can play the game without disconnected player (or showing disconnected player idle in game).

Need a solution for this. Stuck on this issue since three days.