Can I disconnect from a TrueSync game room without triggering the panic window?

I've tried:




Both trigger the panic window for all other devices. Additionally, as with , is there a way to determine disconnect reason?

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  • Hi @niki_walker_ubisoft, in the last version of TrueSync the inputs of every player from the beginning of the game is expected, we have some improvements in the next big release. To see how to pause/end a game you can check our demos.
  • Hey @JeffersonHenrique, thanks for responding. To clarify, are you saying that this is a bug, AND that it's fixed in the next release?

    Forgot to add repro steps:
    1. Start a TrueSync game with 2 or more players.
    2. After any amount of simulated time, have Player1 quit.
    3. All other players will encounter the full panic window due to the fact that the server does not gracefully handle a deliberate player quit.

    Additionally, will other players be told (via enum or similar) WHY Player 1 disconnected? There is a difference between: "Player1 quit and forfeited the game." and "Player1's client encountered an issue."

    Does pausing solve this?
  • Thanks for the clarification. I'll look for the next release ETA.