NetworkMecanimAnimator don't work?

if (Object.HasStateAuthority)

I set the animation on the server and the client is not syncing?

NetworkMecanimAnimator  don't work?


  • Mine also doesnt work too, so I just create my custom Animation handler just using OnChanged, or Velocity for Movement

    my OnChanged used for Weapon Animation, 1 Time Animation

    Continous Animation, Walk, Run, Idle

  • Animators can be tricky, but the nma.SetTrigger() passthrough as you show is the correct way to deal with that.

    However, the sync is ONLY StateAuthority -> Proxies. The InputAuthority is not touched by NetworkMecanAnimator, as how you want to deal with prediction may vary greatly. So you may need to call the animator.SetTrigger() explicitly for the input authority.

    Triggers are also notoriously problematic when trying to network the Animator.