[Edit]I have a trouble while using photon fusion in Unity Engine.

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Hello? I received a recommend to use Photon Fusion last question.



  • I solved this question but, I will left this for other people to know how to do.
  • I add a new question.



This is a Photon Pun function. I want to do this function with Photon Fusion.

I tried follow this document and write like this:

SimulationBehaviour simulation;

    Debug.Log("Is Connect");

but, it occur error.

How can I do? I think it is a very bagic but, I cannot find anykind of informations in anywhere...


++) [New Question]

public NetworkRunner runner;
if (!runner.IsConnectedToServer)

I solved problem with above code. However, I have fall in another problem. I try to connect with server. But, I have no idea to write a right code.


How to convert this code at Photon Fusion?