What game are you playing?

I am playing pokemon light platinum game online and This is my favorite game.
Source: https://romsworld.online/pokemon-light-platinum-rom
What game are you playing?


  • JeffreyJeffrey
    edited June 22
    Well, now i'm playing Animal Crossing and Path of Exile and i'll check what to play at https://www.ssegold.com, as you may know, a good game service site know what's the hottest game now.
  • Thomas22Thomas22
    edited July 1
    I played a lot of games like WoW classic, ESO, FFXIV, but my favorite one is RuneScape.
  • Right now I'm playing Devil Survivor 2: an enthralling DS RPG where you battle against the laws of the universe!
  • I play WoW Classic and FIFA 20. I usually catch up with FIFA world news on https://whatsgaming.net
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