photon voice chat

photon voice chat is not working properly..
add photon view and photon voice view in all players
and add primarily recorder and assign that as recorder runinuse by script..
but recorder is not currently transmitting..
speaker is not playing.. why this happen


  • Hi @priyanka,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What Photon Voice version are you using?
    Does this happen with the demo scenes?

    Do you test this using Recorder.DebugEchoMode? (receive own audio?) or do you test this between two clients? if you test between two clients, make sure they are in the same room.
    Does this happen in the Unity Editor or in a build? which platform?
    What do you see in the logs? increase log level of voice components.

    Check that the recorder was successfully initialized, see Recoder.IsInitialized.
    Did you make sure Recorder.TransmitEnabled is true?
    Was the recorder started? either Recorder.AutoStart or start using Recorder.StartRecording() or set Recorder.IsRecording = true.

    First test using a demo scene in the Unity Editor with DebugEcho.
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