Got many player underrun messages and can not hear other player's voice


we are using Photon Voice classic v1.20.

There were some players(called A,B, and C) in the room and talked to each other. Voice worked fine for 30 minutes but suddenly issue happened, The symptom was:
A can hear voice from B and C.
B can hear voice from A and C.
C can only hear voice from B.

Checked the log of C we found that there are many player underrun messages when issue was occurring.
The warn frequency is 5 underrun messages per second.

2019-08-08 10:16:19.5295 Warn
PUNVoice: PhotonVoiceSpeaker: player underrun: 11792000/11798400(11795689) = 6400
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarningFormat(String, Object[])

What is the cause and what should I check?
Thanks for the help.


  • Hi,

    Is this bug reproducible? Can you provide full log?

    Underrun message just reflects the fact that audio player does not change it's play position (5*6400 = 32000 ~ number of samples per sec.)
    This may happen if Update is not called on PhotonVoiceSpeaker component or Stop() was called somehow on UnityAudioOut instance.
    Make sure that Unity object representing remote player is in scene and works correctly (aside audio playback).
  • Sorry for reply late.
    I can not reproduce this bug.
    I have added more log to my app and keep watching.