Questions on Voice Activity Detection

Hi! I have some questions on VAD (Voice Activity Detection) in Photon Voice.

1. Can this property be turned on (or off) later on during the app running, say, would it fare well as a user-togglable setting? Or does it require to be either on, or off, right from the start?

2. Does ticking VAD fare well if the Mic isn't on yet, say, because the user has denied the Android Mic permission, and it's only later granted after another click as the app already ran for a bit?

3. What generally are the Pros and Cons of using VAD? When would it be suggested, when not?



  • Hi @Philipp,

    1. Yes, it can be "user-togglable". You can have it on from the start.
    2. VAD is relevant only when the microphone is recording.
    3. VAD used by Photon Voice has the same concept: save bandwidth by transmitting only when speaking. the calibration is needed if there is background noise.