Move All Players to a Position?

What i want to do is, when a player changes the level, i want to lerp each players position to the spawn position. How can i do this? i tried syncing a boolean that tells whether we should be lerping or not, but it just returns weird movement


  • Gage_IAGGage_IAG
    edited February 9
    So are you wanting the players to spawn at specific locations or smooth lerp to those locations?

    If youre wanting to lerp players to positions at the start of the game, what you can do is simply run local code to MoveTowards a specified point with a Vector3.Lerp or Vector3.SmoothDamp. This can be local as long as youre observing a TransformView component in the PhotonView or using your own custom OhPhotonSerializeView.

    Let me know if you are having further issue with this.
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