Issue getting Photon Server to connect

Hi, We are having an issue setting up a self-hosted Photon Server and believe it is something to do with the Windows server config. If we try and run the load balance test built into the Photon Server it is not able to connect, return code 32758. The server is a new VM install with zero customisation, hosted with Rack Space. We are able to connect one client to it but no more.



  • HI, @Ben

    This is a known issue. You may fix it by reducing the startup speed of clients. In deploy\bin_tools\stardust.client\Photon.StarDust.Client.exe.config find StartupInterval and set it to 750

  • Hi, Ilya

    Thank you for your help. We have made the change but still having issues. The load balance test now runs but we are having a different problem. When we try and connect we now get a 10053 error code on the client. We are using the Photon test project. I'm happy to give you access to the VM if useful.

    Thanks for your help Ben
  • Hi, Ben

    could you describe your configuration? What address are you trying to connect?

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