issue in establishing voice connection.

I developed a multiplayer application where we are using voice communication too, we tested it on multiple devices where as on some devices(windows machine) we are facing some issues in voice communications where we are not getting voice of other players also that users voice is not heard by other users.if there are any hardware specs that are needed for voice communication please share.we tested your demo app also with that also we are facing same issue on those devices.
or any limitation in terms of demographics please share,we hosted free license server on our machine for testing which is located in central India.

thanks in advance.


  • Hi @divakar,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    So you are self-hosting Photon Server, right?

    some devices(windows machine)
    Could you list those machines' specs and installed OS. Any firewall or anti-virus software?

    any hardware specs that are needed for voice communication
    I'm assuming you mean client requirements and not the server. Are you using some headset (e.g. razer) or any extra/special input (e.g. external mic.) or output device (e.g. bluetooth speaker)?

    any limitation in terms of demographics
    I believe we do not have such thing.

    Extra questions:

    - What Unity version do you use?
    - What Photon Voice version do you use?
    - Do you see any useful client logs?
    - Did you try the demos with Photon Cloud?

    The idea is to know if it is a client or a server issue.
    And then we need to make sure we are able to reproduce or at least understand the issue.
  • Thanks for quick revert, no issue at server side(self hosted), only client side. system specs i5 windows 10 windows firewall.i am using 2017.2 unity photon voice 1.13.I tried your voice test app on same machines that also didn't work(voice)but other data is in sync.I am working on this app for last 8 months previously i didn't face this issue only from January I am getting this feedback.photon server version 1 year old.not tested on cloud. Out of 10 devices on 7 to 8 machines it is working fine.