[Unity freeze]

Hello, this is my problem :

When I connect myself to the chat with these lines :

m_ChatClient = new ChatClient(this);
m_ChatClient.ChatRegion = "EU";

m_ChatClient.Connect(ChatID, "1.0", new ExitGames.Client.Photon.Chat.AuthenticationValues(username));

it work...but when I stop and restart my unity editor is freeze. I can just CTRL + ALT + DEL, stop the Unity process and restart it to do my tests again....

I work on Unity 5.4 and with the version of chat in the Free PUN plugin :


It also freeze with the PhotonChat original plugin...

I don't know what to do and it seems that no one have this problem... my colleague got exactly the same problem ...

if you have a solution it could be great :p

Apart from that everything works well. :)




  • ok...I found the solution -_-....

    Just implement :

    public void OnApplicationQuit()

    Sorry for the post.. x)
  • Hey! I found the same bug using unity 5.5.1p3.

    I have the same code and using the debugger I made sure that the call to Disconnect is happening.
    Even though when I press play it freezes anyway.

    Any other ideas of what could be causing this?