Other audio source disabled when I plug headphones on iOS


When I have a stream video using EasyMovieTexture on iOS, the audio stream stops working when I plug headphones. This doesn't happen if I don't use photon voice.

I have an easy way for you to reproduce this issue:
1. Create a new unity project (I use the latest version)
2. Add Photon Voice
4. Add EasyMovieTexture.
5. Add a plane with a video somewhere in the scene. I'm using http://devimages.apple.com/iphone/samples/bipbop/bipbopall.m3u8
6. Run it on iOS.

Plugging and unplugging headphones mutes and unmutes the video stream.

Do you know why this is happening and how can I fix it?

Thank you


  • Hi @acroca,

    Thank you for your report.
    I think this issue is being discussed here. You might find a quick fix there until a new Photon Voice update is released.
  • @JohnTube I'm not sure it's the same issue, but it might be related. is there any ETA for a fix?
  • @vadim Did you guys had a chance to have a look at this issue? When I use EasyMovieTexture alone it works well, but with Photon its audio gets muted when I unplug and re-plug the headphones.
  • Hi @acroca,

    Sorry for late response. Could you please send us a minimum repro project to [email protected]? We need it in order to reproduce the issue as it involves another asset.