OpCustom in Flash SDK

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Can't find how to send CustomOperation(OpCustom in .NET SDK) to server? And generally is Flash SDK works with custom Photon Server, written from scratch(not Lite or LiteLobby)?


  • I think you need PhotonCore object with raiseCustomEvent or raiseCustomEventWithCode method and CustomEvent listener. Please refer DemoChat and DemoScribble for usage example.
    Just realized that PhotonCore is not in documentation yet. To be fixed.
  • Hi vadim,
    thanks for reply.

    I have found out that I need to call sendOperation method of PhotonCore. It works but i can't pass any parameters to server with dataObjects:Array method parameter. It is not documented and no matter what i try to pass in this array i have 0 parameters on server. Please help me - what pattern of parameters i need to pass in this method?
  • Why raiseCustomEvent/raiseCustomEventWithCode does not work for you?

    If you really need sendOperation, pack parameters in array like this:
    var op: Array = [];