Login Authentication


Plz Help Me..

In my application i want to do register user and for playing he need to login using those credential ...so i need database like thing so is it possible with Photon Cloud or i need to use something else like photon server or anything else ??

Please Help me...Thanks.


  • Photon Cloud does not provide database or other storage options.
    But you can use external authentication (e.g. facebook or you own auth server). Please see http://doc.exitgames.com/en/realtime/cu ... entication
  • Ohk..Thanks.

    But Can I use the Photon Server ?

    Is It Providing Database and All ?

    I don't want external Authentication. Plz Help Me.
  • Photon Server basically has same functionality as Cloud. But you can easily extend it with custom code. So that may be an option for you.
    Nonetheless, if you do not need game or players state storage, implementing custom authentication server attached to Photon Cloud may require less effort.
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