[iOS Cloud] issue updating to SDK Library not found

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I was having perfectly working game on Coccos2d-x with Photon-iOS_v3-2-5-0-Prerelease2_Cloud_SDK, today I downloaded the latest SDK 3-2-5-1.

After updating I faced issues with Room class implementation in load-balancing & customEventAction, I cross checked them & did required modifications.
But now I am facing linker issue with message : Library not found for -lCommon-cpp_Debug_iphoneos, I checked all library search path & header search path with old build & they are looking fine to me. Is there anything else that I have to do to solve this issue? Is there any upgrade guid for the same?

Loadbalancing is added as a copy
Common-cpp & Photon-cpp are added as a reference.

Entries in Library search path related to photon:



  • fixed :D

    - I removed everything about photon from the game, from all header-library paths, all files (common-cpp & photon-cpp).
    - Previously for old SDK, i was adding common-cpp & photon-cpp as a reference but this time I added them as a copy.
    - everything else is done as mentioned in the SDK documentation which is as follows :
    For iPhone Photon supports Xcode on Mac OS X as IDE.

    1. Add the parent-folder(s) of the folders Photon-cpp/inc and Common-cpp/inc to "Header Search Paths" in category "Search Paths" in your applications Project Settings

    2. In your Project Settings at category "Linking" add to "Other Linker Flags" the following both entries:

    3. Add the folders Photon-ccp/lib and Common-cpp/lib to "Library Search Paths" in category "Search Paths" in your applications Project Settings

    Clean & build, It's working. 8-)

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