Photon Cloud, basic security question?

I know very little about security and I know if I wanted the real deal I would need an auth setup. This is not a problem but I wanted to ask a question related to photon cloud that I can’t easily find out.

The Question:

If a client could somehow stop receiving selected RPC messages, then would that client get disconnected automatically?


  • The client would not disconnect automatically when there are no RPCs. The connection is kept on a lower level and it doesn't rely on updates or RPCs.
    You can send a RPC to make a client disconnect as you can send RPCs to specific users.

    What is it you try to achieve?
  • I was thinking to cheat all a player would need to do is stop receiving or sending specific RPC calls.

    But this is not a problem. I worked out I can create a server side application that can keep an eye on the players account activity. So basically I can detect any serious cheats automatically.
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