Setting up a blank iPhone Client (Errors and missing files?)

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I tried to set up the client library in a blank project and followed the instructions in the iphone client SDK documentation. The Problem is that I can include the "PhotonPeer.h" which when gave me 58 errors. After a little research I found the problem. The "Platform_definition.h" and "malloc.h" files are missing in the SDK. PhotonPeer.h needs them.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, so somebody could explain the process to in include the library. But maybe I am right, and the files are really missing.

I would be really happy if someone could help me, because we are making a multiplayer title in our study work.

Cuze :?:


  • KaiserludiKaiserludi admin
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    Hi Cuze.

    Hmm, platform_definition.h is indeed missing. We will fix it with the next SDK. Seems, it did not come to attentention, as most people the the platform define in the project settings their selves.

    I have attached the iPhone version of this header to my post. Just add it to the Common-c/inc folder of the sdk.

    malloc.h isn't missing in the sdk, as it does not belong to the Photon SDK. It comes with the stadard C header files, which should have been isntalled together with your compiler/IDE, which in your case probably is Xcode. Probably it just could not been found, as _EG_IPHONE_PLATFORM has not been defined by yourself and the header, where we define it, has been missing in the sdk.
  • Thank you for your fast reply and the platform_definition.h. It works fine :) Good service :)
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