Some Questions on Marco Polo. Difficulty Factor?

Hello everyone. I'm not an experienced programmer, but I can read code just fine to figure out the basics of what is going on. However, is Marco Polo suppose to be used as a Tutorial and as a reference for beginning Photon users? I find that there is just way too much going on in the code. I'm not sure if this is just the way I feel, but I feel that there should be less going on in the code. For example. I'm trying to figure out the VERY basics of how to get two players into one scene, and have them both controlled, then replicating the basics into a project. I'm trying my best to follow Comments in the code and to read documentation and posts here in the forums, but I'm still lost at this. One piece of code in one script tosses me into another script. This is fine, as is what I expect from code. But I get lost trying to grasp the basic understandings of the code as in "What is this doing, why is it here, and where will it take me." So if I had to summarize what Marco Polo is, as to what I was expecting, I'd say these 2 things.

*"What is the concept of Marco Polo and how can we get players into one scene?"

*"How is a Player Instantiated and how so is it that each individual player owns himself?"

*"How can this be summarized into individual steps, rather than have developers in a code maze for an easier understanding?"

I apologize ahead of time if this appears to be a rant. Honestly I'm just a beginning developer, and I find myself hungry for knowledge. I love Photon even though I'm just learning the basics. Any help and or comments to what I have shared would be awesome! A Sincere Thank you. --Dylen ;)


  • It seems you never found the pdf/webpage for the tutorial?
    The project's code in the package is just the final version of everything done.

    Read: ... o_Tutorial

    Edit: The web tutorial is not exactly the same as the "result" in the package, due to conflicting scripts. Maybe you could start with a blank project and follow along.