Photonmono error

Hello, and thank you in advance.
Error: we already have an PhotonMono around!

Anyone knows the cause of this error ? I having this error when i get in the scene. The scene is load with the LoadFromCacheOrDownload from a core project , then in the Hierarchy of loaded scence i have a init which instantiate the code_game prefab, so when i get in the errors ocurrs.

I working with this way because i have diferent scences in diferents unity projects and im trying to find a way to work more clean with big scenes and not join all scenes in same project.

I appreciate your help ;)


  • The static PhotonNetwork class instantiates a PhotonHandler at runtime (previously PhotonMono). Somehow it seems that one of your scenes already has a PhotonHandler saved IN the scene and it detects this.

    Just to be sure: you should add NO Photon scripts to any scenes besides PhotonViews. You probably did not add PhotonHandler to your scenes, so I assume that the static class added it to the scene after which you saved the scene. The static class should never spawn PhotonHandler in editor time.

    This error cant harm, but the message is annoying.

    The PhotonMono in that scene simply needs to be removed, the only problem is that it's hidden from the inspector ( photonGO.hideFlags = UnityEngine.HideFlags.HideInHierarchy), so you need some editor scripting to do this