What is a good way to let a client create/modify a scene and then let other clients run through it?

Hey there guys,

we've just started using photon and we'd like to know a good way of letting one client "create" a scene (with multiple rooms, the rooms are move-able by the client and the client can build traps etc. into these rooms) as in, we open the base-scene, load some basic layout and then the player can move the rooms around and place traps in the rooms.

Example base layout:

S = Start
F = Goal
Arrows are there to display where the room exit is, if there are no arrows it means the room can be exited in all 4 directions.

[F][ <]
[ >][/\]

Base Layout edited by player:
[F][ <>][<]
[ >][/\]

The player also edited the interior of the rooms by adding traps to it (he can't remove anything or move anything besides his own placed things inside the room)

The player will not be able to remove or add any rooms, he can only change their position and alignment.

The two connected clients will edit their base at the same time and then both get sent into the base of the other player to finish it.

Now our question is, which way is appropriate for this situation?

We thought of a few things (haven't tried any yet because we just started work on the project today and we were still doing some of the photon tutorials)

1.) When the client is finished building his base, save all the gameobjects and then send them to the other client and instantiate them for him so he can run through the base.
2.) The scenes are networked scenes (namely BaseBuildClient1 & BaseBuildClient2) and the clients build on these networked scenes (as opposed to our first solution, where the scenes would have no network ability) and then when done, get sent to the other clients scene. Though, is this even possible? Will photon save the changes made when the clients are leaving their scene and joining the other players scene?

Are there other (better) ways to do this? Or should we go with one of the two methods we thought of might work?

Thank you for reading and thanks a lot in advance! :)

Also, sorry for the bad wording at some parts haha
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