Strange behaviour with gameobjects + TrueSync

Hi all,

I am trying to add some basic static walls in my topdown shooter, and there seems to be an odd behaviour when duplicating game objects in the scene. All the transform values seem to reset to the original prefab when launching the game.

Video of the steps to reproduce the issue:

This also happens if I create a prefab and then drag the gameobject into the scene.

The issue doesnt appear when each gameobject is created manually (ie not duplicated from the scene or generated from a prefab)

You can also witness a similar issue with the demo included with truesync. Scene: Game playing:
- notice a bunch of the food prefabs have disappeared or moved



  • Hello @feathers, we know this issue but could not solve it properly, there is a workaround that you can try, after you duplicate or drag from prefab you click "Reset" on the TSTransform component (inspector panel). Check if this works for you.