BootCamp questions


I have got a simple question, I think I got the answer but I would like to be sure :

In UpdatePositions() in usePhoton we have :
Vector3.Lerp(t.transform.position, player.playerRemote.pos, Time.deltaTime * 7.0f);

I wanted to know if 7.0f represents the speed of the character.

The other question is : Where do you check for collision ? After the new transform position ? because if we use the prediction we could end up inside an object.

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  • Collision check is handled by the Unity engine internally you don't do it in code. the photon side does not do any such checks etc at all, it only pushes through the messages.

    As such its also not possible to end inside an object, cause the physic simulation in Unity will simply not allow it to end there (don't forget, the position you send is correct on your end and as such it will be on all other ends too)
  • Thanks,

    You are right for the correct position on the player side, but with prediction it is not the case.

    By the way could anyone confirm that 7.0f represents the speed ?

    Thank you.

  • the predicted position will be wrong but the place where it appears will not be inside an object as the extrapolation still will 'hit the wall' so to say.
  • Do you know if bootcamp server sources are available somewhere ?
  • The Photon Bootcamp Demo uses the "Lite Lobby" application logic server-side.
    The server SDK can be downloaded from our website:
    Choose and in there the sources are in: \src-server\LiteLobby\
  • is it possible to run the bootcamp demo on the photon 3.0.9 ? I ve runned 2 instances of the demo and I m unable to log in to the same room (the room lobby is empty after I ve created one with an instance) ?
  • The Bootcamp demo will not run on Photon 3 currently. We didn't update it yet, even though the general logic is the same.
    So updating is a matter of getting the client run with the latest client SDKs and adjust changed method names, callbacks and such.

    With a bit of work, you should be able to update it yourself: In the project, replace the PhotonUnity3D.dll with a Photon 3 one. Will will cause a lot of simple and very obvious compile errors in the Editor. These should be simple to solve however. You should take a look at the release_history.txt file in the client SDK and check what changed for the initial Photon 3 releases.