CompoundStats impossible to access

The compoundStats object is impossible to access. There is no way to check ping and other stats without using the TrueSyncStats component.

I have to edit TrueSyncManager and create a getter method to access the private AbstractLockstep lockstep instance so I could access compoundStats. Then, i had to decompile TrueSyncStats to figure out which strings I had to pass into compoundStats.globalStats.GetInfo to get the ping and other information. Way too complicated just to get the ping. ;)


• Opensource TrueSyncStats (and everything else too, please :) )
• Need an easier way to access global stats
• Provide convenience methods to access common network statistics. For example, compoundStats.globalStats.GetPing() which could just be a wrapper for compoundStats.globalStats.GetInfo("ping"). This way we don't have to 'guess' what strings to pass in to GetInfo, and the underlieing implementation does not need to change.


  • JeffersonHenrique
    Hi @Prodigga, thanks. We used stats before just for internal checks and to expose some infos, but it can be an useful way to access different information. The ping we extract from PUN, you could use it instead if you want other information for now.