Network variable

Hello, and thanks in advance

I wanted to know if there is any way to know the value of a variable when a player enters in a room.

For example, in the room there is a slide viewer and a few players watching it together. then a new player joins room, How can the new player to know which pages are?

Sorry if it's a silly question, but can't find the way :S


  • If one player controls the slide:
    When the slider changes, send this as RPC. As PhotonView.RPC() parameter "target", choose a fitting "buffered" option and you're basically done. The RPC will be buffered and new incoming players will see each player's slider value.

    If everyone should be able to adjust a "room's" value, then it's a bit more tricky. Photon knows "Game Properties" but the Photon Unity Networking package does not expose those so far. We will most likely add this soon but at the moment you could only implement them yourself.

    The topics of "Properties" should give you an impression how it could be done: ... teconcepts
  • I didn't know that parameter. Your answer solve my problem. Thank you ^^