Weird bounce after collision [PHYSICS]

Hello, i was just fiddling around with TrueSync and noticed weird sway after collision. When my moving object collides with wall it bounces from it but starts to go back toward it like it would inhere old velocity. More in video
Moving object have TSSphere collider with all rotational constrains on rigidbody checked, walls have TSBoxCollider
I'm adding force to tsRigidbody on mouseButtonUp (in OnSyncedInput method)

Explaining Video


  • Hi @Horkyze, it seems weird, I don't have a reason for that right now, in the next version of TrueSync we will expose the physics engine we use so you can try to figure out too whats is happening if we didn't solve until there. By the way can you send a some of your project in a private message? Thanks.
  • Thanks for response, will send sample project later today when i get home.
  • I have exactly the same issue here, and until now this is not fixed yet?
  • Hi @quangthaiptit, we have also some issues mainly with 3D physics ( it will be probably removed next update). It is based on Jitter physics, if want to look for the similar issues related to it.