LoadBalancingClient.RoomsCount == 1, but EventCode.GameList returns nothing.

I've updated from to, and I'm cleaning up the breaking changes.

I have one machine create a room, and begin gameplay. The dashboard shows activity.

My second machine is searching for this room. It connects to the Master Server, and gets an EVCode saying there is one room, and one PlayersInRooms. Good so far.

So I manually call OpJoinLobby, and wait for the EVCode for the collection of rooms, which tells me there are no rooms.

What could cause this problem?


  • In LoadBalancingClient.OpJoinLobby() there was a change two years ago.

    TypedLobby is now a class that can be passed in.

    I was assigning a value to Name when creating new rooms. (The name of the room) so the rooms went into their own lobbies.

    When clients would search, they would search the default lobby, as I did not name the lobby when searching.

    User error, I removed the lobby naming and now games show up.