PUN Voice + UNET

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the Photon Voice info states 'Use it in conjunction with any multiplayer engine '.
Can you detail the limitations of this? Does Photon Voice require PUN as the 'glu' and thus both a PUN and Voice subscription plan? Or can the Voice service be provided without and placed on top of another core networking framework?

Having a quick look over the voice API, and knowing only a little about PUN itself, I don't see where the Voice client can be placed into rooms without having an existing PUN room. If this is possible can, a snippet or pointer to the right API calls will be most useful. Ideally i'd like to have the none-PUN host inform any new clients of which Voice room the servers using, allowing them to connect to it.



  • Hi @Larry,

    Currently Photon Voice requires PUN.
    We have plans to make Photon Voice work "standalone" or with other networking middlewares but I do not have an ETA for you.
  • Hi @JohnTube
    Thanks for the reply.

    Ah not to worry, as long as I haven't missed a key concept there. It'll be great to have this as standalone, looking a little messy running PUN alongside a 3rd party atm.
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