JS CreateRoom plugins

I'm trying to create new room by js sdk

In docuentation says I can set plugin name in room options by
roomOptions.Plugins = new string[]

But I don't see it in photon-javascript_SDK.js-file
LoadBalancingClient.prototype.createRoom = function (roomName, options)

I'm trying to put
createRoom("name", {plugins: "MyPlugin"})
createRoom("name", {customGameProperties: {plugins: "MyPlugin"}})
but it's not work

My factory is

public IGamePlugin Create(IPluginHost gameHost, string pluginName, Dictionary config, out string errorMsg)
            gameHost.LogWarning("!!!: > " + pluginName + " 
always empty in pluginName. Am I doing something wrong?


  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭

    'plugins' option is not supported yet in Photon js sdk
  • not good. Maybe you can explane a concept? if I simply added that field in photon-sdk.js it will work?
  • yes, it's work))
    Maybe someone else will need it

    that's all, folks^^
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