PUN Basics Tutorial Part 5 - Player not moving/animating


I am following your PUN Basics Tutorial and I am stuck at Part 5.
I followed this part till the end of the Test, test, 1 2 3... section.
The Kyle robot does not move when running the Kyle Test Scene.
However when I check the Animator Window parameters of the player object... The Speed parameter registers the InputKey values (from the script PlayerAnimatorManager.cs). But no movement in the game window.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I am working with: Unity 5.4.2f2


  • I've been figuring this out and it seems that the avatar has to be set up correctly.
    But I just tried it with the Ethan model provided by Unity itself.
    Note that you have to use the correct animator parameters/vars of Ethan in your PlayerAnimatorManager.cs.