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Dos the v3 version supports sending array of objects of my own class as operation response parameters? Its not working for me, so i am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or its not supported.

My code:
    public class GetBoardResponse
        [DataMember(Code = (byte)CatanParameterKey.cellsArray, IsOptional = false)]
        //public Cell[,] cellArray { get; set; }
        public bool test { get; set; }

        [DataMember(Code = (byte)CatanParameterKey.edgeArray, IsOptional = false)]
        public Edge[] edgeArray { get; set; }
void handleGetBoardOperation(LitePeer peer, GetBoardRequest getBoardRequest, SendParameters sendParameters)
           var getBoardResponse = new GetBoardResponse { test = true, edgeArray = new Edge[10] };
           peer.SendOperationResponse(new OperationResponse(getBoardRequest.OperationRequest.OperationCode, getBoardResponse), sendParameters);


  • it supports object arrays, yes - meaning that an object[] can contain objects of different types like string, int etc - this includes just the supported types. For custom types like "Edge" you need to register a custom serializer with method Protocol.TryRegisterCustomType.
  • Thank for the answer. Support is really great on this forums :)
    For anyone interested - I used BinaryFormatter to serialise my data on the server and de-serialise it on the client.
    Example how to use it is here:

    It is even working with multi-dimensional arrays (and probably other data structures) of objects of your custom classes.
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