Why no PhotonClient.SendOperationRequest(OperationRequest) ?

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TcpClient has a nice .SendOperationRequest(OperationRequest request) method
and I wondered why PhotonPeer doesn't have such a method?

The benefit would be to be able to send a (derived) OperationRequest and validate it on the server side with the same code like you can do it with the TcpClient.
Even better I could put this OperationRequest in a Common.dll lib used by client and server side.

Using a PhotonPeer.SendOperationRequest( loginRequest, true, 0, true )
would be less error-prone than duplicating some code logic like this:

Client side:
public static class LoginOperations
    public static void Login(PhotonPeer game, string username,
        string password)
        Dictionary<byte, object> table = 
           new Dictionary<byte, object>()
            {(byte) ParameterCode.Username, username },
            {(byte) ParameterCode.Password, password }
        game.OpCustom((byte)OperationCode.Login, table, true, 0, true);
Server side:
public class LoginRequest : Operation
        public LoginRequest(
            IRpcProtocol protocol, OperationRequest request)
            : base(protocol, request) {}

        [DataMember(Code = (byte)ParameterCode.Username, 
           IsOptional = false)]
        public string Username { get; set; }

        [DataMember(Code = (byte)ParameterCode.Password, 
           IsOptional = false)]
        public string Password { get; set; }

        [Operation(OperationCode = (byte)OperationCode.Login)]
        public OperationResponse HandleLogin(PeerBase peer, 
               OperationRequest operationRequest)
            var request = 
                 new LoginRequest(peer.Protocol, operationRequest);
            if (!request.IsValid)
                Log.Info(" ** Login failed for : LATER log details ");
                return new OperationResponse();

You see what I mean?


  • PhotonPeer has 2 OpCustom methods, one of them should accept an OperationRequest parameter.
    I don't know if the method alone is of any help here since you still need the Operation subclass for contract validation. Server-to-server peers allow the operation contracts on both sides which saves a lot of work. So what you really need are the contract classes on the client. We _might_ add this later - if we find the time.
  • Yeh - I was hoping for this Operation : DataContract version.

    Because for now client and server are using different OperationRequests.

    On the client-side Peer.OpCustom( ExitGames.Client.Photon.OperationRequest, bool sendReliable, byte channelId, bool encrypt);
    And not from Photon.SocketServer.OperationRequest like the TcpClient.SendOperationRequest()

    So I don't see how to use the same "OperationRequest" on the PhotonClient and for validation on the server side.

    I can wait for RC5 ;)
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