Android Client not working

Hi Sir,

I am the beginner to photon server and really not having any knowledge
about server setup. :roll: :roll:
for start i have downloaded photon 2 and Android Client from your site.
Where should i search about how to run that android client application.
what i have done so far is
1) added that client application in eclips
2) after running on simulater its giving an error

i just want some steps about how to set that client so that i can learn more :):)

With Regards
Sumit Agrawal :roll:


  • Kaiserludi
    Hi Sumit.

    1. If you get an error, please do not just tell us "its giving an error", but post the exact wording of the error, so we do not have to guess, which kind of error is occurring.

    2. Have you set up a Photon server and adjusted the client app's server-ip to point to it?