I got voice working but do not know how or why.

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Today was my first experience with Photon Voice. Downloaded pun + pun voice from assetstore.
Demo samples were working perfectly but doing my own empty scene (following by the documentation) i was unable to get voice to work.

Had a scene script with photon voice settings activated. Everything there was configured after the demo scene and was correct.
Then i instantiated photon gameobject at runtime with photonview and photon voice recorder attached. At this point that should be it. Reading further the documentation it went into the details of what some setting does. For my purpose it should work like the demo scene. But it did not.

So i went back to TestVoice-Scene and started perusing around. I created a new empty script and copied two lines from gui script.

PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.TrafficStatsEnabled = true; PhotonVoiceNetwork.Client.loadBalancingPeer.TrafficStatsEnabled = true;

I added these lines to my start method and then added the script to my own level. After that my scene started to work and i could send voice messages across the network. When i disable this script then my voice will not work again. As far as i know then these two lines should not affect that? Or am i missing something? Could not find anything about useful about that in the documentation.


  • Hi @Karel,

    Thank you for reporting this.
    We are aware of this issue. We did not clearly state in the documentation that a call to PhotonVoiceNetwork in code is required to instantiate that singleton in the scene to make Voice work properly.
    The current workaround is just to trigger PhotonVoiceNetwork creation via a simple dummy line of code like the one you used from "TestVoice-Scene".
    We have already a nice fix for this that will be released in the next update.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for choosing Photon!
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