about Photon v3 open logs

edited September 2011 in Photon Server
may i ask about Photon v3 open logs always to result Error (Could not open C:\photon server V3\deploy\bin_Win32_xp\log) ??

check log folder PhotonCLR.txt only [ 1] DEBUG PhotonHostRuntime.PhotonDomainManager - PhotonDomainManager created

when use V2 is ok but change V3 cant open logs can help me how to solve problems
thx a lots !

ps:tutorial hello world can run at V2 and V3 but V3 open logs always Error


  • the log file is not there or it can't be opened ?
    what about the ..Instance log?
  • it can't be opened and no to produce Instance log
    but i use other computer win7 system can running now.
    i guess that pc have some problem
    thx a lots
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