Bolt Engine or Photon Server?

Hey guys!

I'm creating an online brawler and my vision for the networking portion is to have a networking system like Team Fortress or any other online FPS (player creates room, people join the room), I've been taking a look at networking and at the moment I have a prototype (demo) of my game running on Photon Cloud.

My original plan was to prototype my game in Photon Cloud and then switch over to Photon Server but recently I've been reading about Steam Integration (and the likes) and realized that Photon Cloud (and server) may not be the best for Steam Integration.

This leads me to my question, which networking library (Bolt, Photon Server; feel free to suggest other networking libraries as well) would be most suitable for my game and still would have pretty good Steam Integration (networking wise). Mind you that this game will be Steam only.



  • I feel like I read those questions somewhere? Did you mail or post in the Unity forum?
    Are your questions answered by me?

    What does good Steam integration mean for you?
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    Yes I posted on the Unity forums, I posted a reply to your latest message but you never got back to me :open_mouth:
  • Good Steam integration as in: matchmaking, NAT Punchthrough, etc.
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