Measuring Voice Volume of Players and 3D Positional Voice Audio

Hi! I'm new to Photon Voice, and I was just trying out the tutorial. Things have been going well; I can hear my own voice when using the debug feature. However, I have a host of questions:

Is there any way to measure the instantaneous volume of a player's voice in order to represent the volume of their voice in a GUI element. The game "Intruder" by Superboss Games does this well.

In addition, when using the first person view of in the tutorial project (the one with the knitted monsters), is the audio from the different players played in the game world from their positions? In other words, can you hear their voices coming from their players? I wasn't able to test this out just yet.

Here is a link to a video of the game "Intruder," which accomplishes both of these tasks.

Thank you!


  • Hi,
    For recorded signal you can use LevelMeter.CurrentAvgAmp or LevelMeter.CurrentPeakAmp properties of PhotonVoiceRecorder object. Broadcast this value periodically in PUN room and display received value on other clients.
    If you want to measure level of received signal (so no level broadcast is needed), PhotonVoiceSpeaker.cs patching required. Calculate current level in OnAudioFrame method from 'frame' array parameter. This array contains new portion of incoming signal each time the method gets called.

    About audio positioning in scene. Check 3d sound settings of Audio Sources attached to game objects.
    Did you try TestVoice project?